GW First Class

GW First Class is available beginning May 2016. You are required to complete GW First Class before coming to Colonial Inauguration, as you will register for courses during CI.

GW First Class is our online course registration tutorial which will prepare you to register for your first semester of classes. GW First Class includes information on general curriculum requirements, placement exams in mathematics and languages, and contact information for advisors.

Once you have obtained your GW email account and familiarized yourself with the GW Bulletin and Schedule of Classes, you are ready to begin GW First Class. You can access GW First Class via Blackboard, but please note you must claim your NetID in order to access the site.

After you have familiarized yourself with the specific requirements of your GW college by completing GW First Class online via Blackboard, you should prepare a reasonable schedule of classes, with a number of potential course options.  Work at developing a schedule that seems appropriate for you, which you can discuss in-person with your advisor at CI.   It is recommended that you bring at least three versions of your schedule with you to CI, as it is not typical that students get into all of their preferred classes their first year.  It is important that you prepare prior to arriving for CI properly, as you will register for classes at CI.

GW First Class Format

GW First Class is found on the university's Blackboard Learning System.  You will become quite familiar with Blackboard as a GW student because it is through this system that professors post course syllabi and course assignments and communicate with their students.

GW First Class Logistics

  • The course will take approximately one hour to complete and may take longer depending on whether you need to take placement exams or on how easily you can make decisions about your course selection.
  • You may enter the GW First Class site as many times as you like and complete the tutorial over time.  Remember-- you must complete GW First Class before coming to CI.
  • GW First Class contains information on how to register for classes using GWeb, GW's course registration system.  Feel free to review the module as many times as you would like, so you understand how to register for classes at CI.
  • If you are a student in the University Honors Program (UHP) or the Women's Leadership Program (WLP), please complete your UHP or WLP module before completing your school module.

GW First Class Support

  • Continue to visit your school's module on Blackboard and check the main page for other support opportunities.  In addition, be sure to check your GW email account frequently as all updates will be sent to you there.  
  • Contact your college or school's academic advising office.  Advising offices are open from 9:00am to 5:00pm (EST) Monday through Friday.  Contact information for your college or school can be found on the Colonial Inauguration web site's Contact Information page.


Please note, international freshmen must complete GW First Class and register for classes prior to attending Fall CI in August. International freshmen will select a course registration date when registering for Fall CI.  If you have questions about course selection prior to registration and would like to speak with an advisor in your school, please visit the CI website and view "Class Registration" under the academics page.